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Known on stages across the U.S. as Seemore "Dr, See" Love, Seemore is an Alkebulan-American mystic,  multi-genre, multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, singer/songwriter, educator, and an individual of indigenous and diasporic origins.


Now a west-coast local, Dr. See received his Bachelor of Arts in Music with minor focuses in Education and Psychology in the Mid-West U.S.


Growing up in Oklahoma, the sounds of Western-swing, Red dirt, Country, Americana, First-Nation’s chants, Blues, Jazz, and Gospel are likened to childhood songs to which he says he will never forget, and what he credits as being the foundations of his true music education.  One of truly soulful perspective.  


Traveling the entire length of the Appalachian Trail in 2016 with only his backpack and violin, collecting field recordings and stories of music and the Alkebulan (Afrikan)  influence in Appalachian folk music has inspired a deeper love of the traditions of Folk music.


Seemore Love uniquely blends the pastly present sounds of ancestral knowledge and wisdom with the current age of sound technology, and the spiritual gusto of Afro-Futurism to create a truly sincere and one-of-a-kind sound experience.


Often called a "musician's musician" for his awe inspiring ability to improvise flawlessly and seamlessly across a myriad of instruments and to any music he hears, Dr. See has performed and shared stages with artists such as:


Hannah Mayree, Dorothy "Miss Blues" Ellis, Youssoupha Sidibe, Stoney LaRue

Jason Aldean, RC and the Gritz (Erykah Badu's Band), Nowello, Jason Webley, Naiya Izumi, Kix Brooks (Brooks and Dunn), Robert Randolph and the Family Band, The Lumineers, Micky Mayhem, Joe Settlemeir (Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys), Darla Z, Niknos Band, Kylie Morgan Band ...and many more and counting!!


Seemore has also performed at venues and arenas such as:


Epcot Center (Disney World), The Coca Cola Center in Alabama, The Orange Bowl, The Rose Bowl, The Alamo Bowl, Oklahoma Museum of Arts, Oklahoma Black History Museum of Performing Arts Center, Hallowed Halls Recording Studio, Tulsa Jazz and Blues Hall of Fame, Beloved Festival, Oregon Country Fair, , Bhakti Festival, Soul Shine Festival, Paseo Arts Festival, Jazz in June Festival, NW Reggae Festival ...and so many more and counting!



Seemore's  current projects include: 


--Basic Life Support education for families and communities (Led by Dr. See, an American Heart Association certified instructor)

--The Black Banjo Reclamation Project created by Hannah Mayree

--Seng Songs --A collaboration with Cimarron-Maz collective

--Divine Thrive Realm - grief support by Rhythm Maat

--Land Sovereignty for Indigenous and People of Color

--Climbing trees and learning about forestry

--Planting trees and learning about farming, agriculture, and forestry

--Meeting new friends, and strengthening the ties of old friendships

--Writing a children's book


Based in Asheville, North Carolina (US), Liz Lang / Auracene composes work at the vertex of emotive, musical arc and multi-faceted sound design. 
Blending voice, chant, piano, found sound and tweakish tech her creations share otherworldly moods and spaces. The vastness of the Appalachians and lush bio-detail of NC flora/fauna is constant inspiration for the organic sound design aspect of her process.  From recording fields of mountaintop bees, frenzied swarmings of 17-year cicadas, snowflakes and sleet falling on metal to wind pummeling rime-ice-laden trees. 
“Learn how to listen as things speak for themselves.” (Matsuo Basho)

She has appeared in solo and collaboration (Wyrm, Le Scrambled Debutante, Solumenata, River Guerguerian) on releases out of Germany, Poland, Russia and the US from:  Jacktone Records, Sealt Records, Drone Records, Aquarellist, The Relaxation Company, Roil Noise, Impulsy Stetskopu.

Remix for Le Scrambled Debutante:

She has scored music and directed sound for film and video (Moon Europa, Solatrium). Her performances include appearances in the Asheville Fringe Festival, {Re}Happening, Neo-Pastiche Music Festival  (Black Mountain College Museum) and with Pipsissewa Movement Project, Legacy Butoh and Cilla Vee productions.




Neo P. Newton is an Indigenous Aborigine Recording artist from the eastern shores of the long lost land mass called "Turtle Island". Growing up in the inner city (Philadelphia Pa), Neo P. Newton was exposed to the worst of the urban jungle. Neo shares the intricate Tales of those lives lost on these lands and the miraculous reemergence of the Direct descendants. THE MUSIC SPEAKS FOR ITSELF! 

Listen to Goddess Rise by Neo P. Newton 

For everything else on Neo P. Newton 

sacha louise


           Sacha Louise was born on Dakota lands in Minnesota. The land she lived upon as a child was passed on from her paternal great grandparents who immigrated from Germany. This land originally initiated Sacha into her relationship with the other-than-human beings. This land of many Oaks, home to Deer, Fox, Lightning Bugs and hundreds more, was decimated by bulldozers in front of her eyes as a seven year-old child, and oppressed into suburban development.

         After living in a daze, it was in her 20s when her spark with the other-than-human beings was reawakened. Having spent years traveling and doing activist work, she found that her role within the great shift was to listen to the trees, plants, and fungi, and deliver their medicine. She and her life partner are currently learning to live in co-creative partnership with land called Plantasia. Visit her website at 

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