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Process Proposal

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

Hi Everyone! This section is to discuss how we go about this . So far everything here is all me(bugz). I propose several ways to interact with this space, and please let me know about any suggestions or ideas/proposals that you have. Those proposals could happen on the back end 'members only area' or could happen on the front end (ie right here), or both. Using an active website as a collaborative space is not something i've done or seen done before... so all we can do is try it out and see if it works. I think it has potential...

Please play with this space, visually, verbally and musically... and any other way that i may not have considered... Please know that i have invited you here because your opinions your voice and your style are all things that i want to help elevate. If there is anyone else that you think we should be working with please let me know! That work could be in any area! (sound, visual, lighting, grant writing, research, set and prop design, web design etc etc)

One thing that seems potentially true is that this site could help us get funding. I would like to raise money so that everyone is getting something for their time. We all need to eat and all that. I have never made a website before, and so i get that, not only is this experimental.. but also.. it's not even fully developed in a traditional sense. So.. yeah.. ah. help? A note about collaborations and my understanding of them: From what i can tell, there are essentially two different types of collaboration, although.. in that every human is unique, there are always shades of the second present.

  • 1. People with the same type of skills magnify those skills thru a process of synchronicity.

  • 2. People with different skills create something bigger than the sum of its parts. This is done by each using their different skills in harmony or chorus with the rest of their collaborators.

A question about what people would like to see my role as: I recognize that, so far, this is sort of 'my' project, and that puts me in a funny place - if it feels most comfortable for the moment for me to be in the anchor role i'm happy to do that for as long as that feels good to everyone. If that feels in anyway irritating or uncomfortable, please lets figure out how to make it - not that. I would prefer not to be a leader - but rather - a voice in a dialogue within which all voices are equal. That said, i have been thinking about this for a while and i have been working in rag tag theater production since the beginning of the century - so - in as much as my experience and vision are grounding and providing a way froward that everyone feels excited about, i offer that freely.

*** i've been trying and failing to make profiles for senza infinite and loretta/biotunes .. i think you have to make them yourselves. if you make a profile then you can reply to this post in the comments.. and i think you can either make or edit other posts. I think for now - before making new blog posts... perhaps use the comments or edit existing posts, and then lets discuss how to do this in a way that won't bury ideas and input.


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