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Micah Li

Micah Li is a community artist of Chinese ascent, based in Philadelphia. Their solo work creates trauma-informed healing spaces through interdisciplinary ritual and performance. Micah collaborated on the 2015 Honey For the Heart Parade in Athens Ohio, and taught Improvisational Clowning as a 2017 Artist in Residence at the Islewilde Festival on Vashon Island, WA. They are honored to be listening to Ginseng and engaged in it's Telling. 

Aaron Morgan

Aaron Morgan is a farmer, builder, plant and bird enthusiast and musician from Eastern Kentucky.

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Kaluyahawi Design


         KALUYAHAWI DESIGN : Jocelyn Antone of Kaluyahawi Design created this website for us. You can find out more about her work by visiting her at

Senza Infinite

Senza Infinite is an MC, beat - maker, student mentor and video artist living in the Northeast.

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Jessica Dolan

      Jessica Dolan (PhD) is a scholar, writer, and ethnobotanist. She has been working closely with First Nations since 2007, doing culturally-grounded, integrated environmental restoration, protection, education, and peacebuilding projects. She is a gardener, seedkeeper, basket weaver, sewer, paddler, and mom to a baby girl. She is contributing writing to Cimarron-Maz, along with exploring the possibilities of collectively rematriating ginseng plants to Northeastern Indigenous communities.

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